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What Do You Think?

Over the past few months I´ve written a lot about my life and my work as an artist here in Dorset. It´s been a privilege to be able to share my inspiration, experience and the ups and downs of life with you, and to receive your comments on social media. But this week I´d like to find out about you. When I was trying to work out whether to post paintings framed or unframed in an online gallery,

I realised I had never asked you about your preferences. Apart from commissions, and personalised adjustments to existing paintings, I paint from the heart. for the joy of it. But I would love to know what you think, and have your input into future projects. So which do you prefer?

Hengistbury Head Sunrise is a favourite location, especially at the beginning and end of the day because I am awestruck by the colours in the sky, reflected in the sea. CurrentlyI offer the smaller canvas in a white block frame which seems to make the colours jump out. I wonder about a frame for the larger canvas too. Which do you prefer?

How do you feel about people in paintings? Do they enhance a mood, or detract from it?

Love in the Springtime is about a romantic walk in the country, shared intimacy on an achingly beautiful spring day.

I was inspired to paint this scene, Walk in the New Forest in one of those moments where I can do nothing but catch my breath and wonder at how beautiful our world is. I like symbolism and this evolved into a piece to use in meditation. The tumbling water represents emotions, the tricky path we must walk sometimes to get across to the peaceful other side when life happens, as it always does.

Walking by the sea uplifts and invigorates me. I love painting seascapes, and I'm spoilt for choice with the spectacular coast where I live. Here are the The Needles from Barton-on-Sea.. There´s a wonderful cafe at the top of the cliff where I´ve often enjoyed lunch, soaking up this wonderful view. Are you a seascape or a landscape person?

Grey Poppies was painted in remembrance of the courage of those who fell to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Read my poppy blog for more on poppy symbolism and why I love to paint these incredible flowers whose fragile appearance expresses what can´t be put into words. Do you like flower paintings? What do they say to you?

Are there any art-related topics you´d like to know more about? II would value your views and thoughts so please leave a comment below, or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin, or send me an email.

And here is my Sunny, meeting his new friend, labradoodle Ellie, for the first time.

I´m not going to ask you which one you prefer.

To my treasured friends far and wide, heartfelt thanks for your interest and support.

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints, framed or unframed available from my website. Commissions undertaken with joy.

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Leave a comment, ask a question, I love hearing from you.


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annabel Sampson
annabel Sampson
Jul 17, 2021

Thank you for your lovely work Marja! It was a surprise to discover that your paintings are affordable.

I prefer to buy my own frames, or just hang the canvas unframed but I particularly love my beautiful red sky over Lulworth Cove in a white block frame. You´re right, the gorgeous colours really come to life.

I don´t generally like people in pictures, however my gorgeous gold and green healing painting shows steps leading up to a doorway between the trees, and a couple on the looking out to sea.

I like both sea and landscapes, and especially your stunning skies.

Is there any way I can post photos in the comments box?


Marja Brown
Marja Brown
Jul 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you. So pleased you too receive the joy with which I paint my babies. Each one always gives me such pleasure. Life is full of joy if I keep an open mind and am willing to look for it. Be well snd safe. Marja Brown

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