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  • Marja Brown

From Blank Canvas to Masterpiece

"How are you?"

"I´m doing this..and that..and then this..!"

"Yes..but how ARE you Marja?"

A phone call from a friend reminded me how easy it is for me to shut myself off from the outside world and lose myself in my painting. I live and work on my own and an artist´s life can be a solitary affair. I wrote last year during lockdown that in solitude I find myself. That´s true. But then what? It´s only by spending quality time with others that I recharge and get perspective.

There are changes on the horizon and although change is the only thing that´s certain in life, I don´t always like it! Change makes me feel uncomfortable, uneasy, fearful. I know I´m not the only one who avoids these feelings by throwing myself into doing stuff. Why is it so easy to forget that we need each other?

Over the years, I´ve enjoyed the experience of painting alongside my fellow artists. I joined Poole Leisure Painters,, and I formed the M&M Arts Society with my dear friend Maggie. Her life situation has changed too so there hasn´t been time for us to meet.

Now, I´m delighted to be working alongside my daughter. Sam. We have a weekly workshop where we paint together, Sam in watercolours and me in my acrylics. We have different styles, different techniques and we give each other feedback, comment on each other´s work. I value that.

Most importantly, we take breaks, have lunch, drink coffee, laugh and share ideas. We´re making plans to go to Holland next year to do a workshop together. I´m excited about that! And I am inspired to learn new techniques.

Sunny casts an expert eye over the table full of blank canvases.

And during our lunch break after a morning´s work, he gives me a a wag of approval.

Sharing life and working together in this way fills my well of inspiration and creativity and

it´s an absolute joy to spend time doing what I love, with my beloved daughter, and Sunny, of course!

I´ve forgotten about my fear of the changes that aren´t happening today. I´m focussing on shared laughter and making plans together.

How am I today? I´m a very happy, grateful artist..

But how are you? Write and tell me.

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist