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Marja Brown - Artist



Born and raised in Holland, I studied art at college, but became a potter for 25 years before picking up the brush again.

I moved to the south coast of England in 1987 and settled in Dorset after having lived in different countries across Europe. I felt a deep spiritual connection with the Dorset countryside and my love of this beautiful new homeland inspired me to paint the stunning landscapes and seascapes across the region.

The ancient Dorset landscape offers me unlimited potential to express my love for painting with many different colours and styles.

My paintings are a window to my world,

and the way I experience it today



I am a Reiki Master and the paintings in my "Healing Art" series are infused with Reiki Healing and are an aid for visualisation and Manifestation.

I´m drawn to alternative medicine and spiritual healing and in my healing paintings, I bring together my experience as an artist with my learning about Reiki, runes, tarot and the power of symbols.


I often paint them as commissions and feel privileged to participate in such conversations. The heart knows what it longs for.

Marja Brown - Healing Art
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