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I haven´t got time for that! I just want to paint today…

I read my to do list, sigh, and reach for my trusty box of distractions: the biscuits, that game on my phone, the sudden urgent need to go shopping, or to the beach. As life becomes increasingly chaotic, it becomes obvious that all the information swirling round in my mind is keeping me from working.

Although I try to keep track of my paintings and all the variations, different shapes and sizes, canvas, and paper prints, framed and unframed, which paintings are in which galleries, photos, prices, descriptions,, it´s a job I tend to put off. Having it all at my fingertips, putting it all down on paper will free up space and time, and make life a lot easier.

I don´t want to do it, of course, but it´s time to take stock.

I dig out my Excel spreadsheet and begin going through my paintings, one by one. Where are they? Are they sold or still available? Framed or unframed? As a print?

It doesn´t all have to be done today, but I already feel better for making a start. As I check through my inventory, patterns emerge. I can see that panoramic paintings have been popular this past year and that Durdle Door is the seascape I´ve painted most often. I discover that the two framed prints seen above have been best sellers.

The spectacular skyscapes and sunsets I love to paint lose their impact on a small canvas, so I paint them on larger, block canvases. This means I can´t offer them framed on canvas but I´m working on creating prints.

It´s not easy to find off the shelf frames, and it´s impossible to accommodate all tastes, so

I´ve decided to carry only tray frames in back, white or wood, with the canvas. Painting round the sides creates a 3D effect for original paintings.


There´s a growing sense of achievement and calm as I work through my inventory. This information will help me to focus my marketing and decide what to add to my collections during the winter months.

Doing this has prompted me to take inventory on a personal level too. All the time and attention given recently to my beautiful new puppy, beloved car which needed to be replaced has meant I haven´t had time to reflect on physical and emotional things that no longer serve me, With untidy cupboards, cluttered rooms, "I must do something about that" has been my refrain for ages. All this take up space in my mind. As I put down it down on paper, and consider what changes I want to make, there´s a sense of clarity and freedom. My to do list seems do-able.

Today, I replaced my car, and I was delighted to receive a new commission.

This inventory process works.

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints available from my website:

Commissions accepted with joy. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements,

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I love your vibrant colours!


Oct 09, 2021

Enjoy your new car 🚗 🎉

Marja Brown
Marja Brown
Oct 09, 2021
Replying to

Thank you. Feels very safe. 🤪👍👏

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