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spooky dorset

It´s Halloween, time to sit round the fire and tell a little ghost story..

Full Moon

at Hengistbury Head

As the full moon rose, furious waves crashed on the shore and mournful gulls cried, Tom Landy shivered at the edge of the winding path, waiting impatiently for his beloved. The sound of hooves startled him as the black stallion approached, wild mane flying. In terror, Tom heard a familiar voice scream above the storm. The horse thundered towards him. the horseman cloaked in black, eyes burning. Tom saw his lady lying pale and motionless behind the ghostly rider,and his voice joined hers in a scream that can be still be heard by any soul brave enough to wait by the footpath at Hengistbury Head tonight.

The energy at Hengistbury Head, the power of the wind and the waves invigorates and inspires me to paint this beautiful headland. But I'm not going up there tonight..

Would you?

Marja Brown


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Corfe Castle by Moonlight

Swirling misty tendrils creep around the ruins as darkness fell on a cold October night. Locals speak in hushed voices of strange sounds, eerie sightings, flickering lights moving across the ramparts. Nobody goes up there after dark. The inconsolable sobbing of weeping child can be heard from a long abandoned cottage at the foot of the hill. But it is the white lady who strikes terror into the hearts of those unfortunate souls who catch a glimpse of her headless form. They are left shaking, frozen with fear until she fades into the void from whence she came.

Corfe Castle awakens my senses, and my paintbrush to a time long past. Mystery, magic, moonlight. Quite spectacular. Never seen a ghost though, have you?

Marja Brown

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Tree at the Crossroads

One late October afternoon, Lily Crumpler set off down the lane with a basket of eggs for her grandmother. Her anxious mother bade her farewell and begged her to go carefully past the Tree. Many travellers had walked that path and vanished without trace. The villagers say that as you pass The Tree, you hear voices whispering over and over: Left, Right, Straight Ahead? We will never know which path Lily chose. It is said that The Tree holds for all eternity all the unfortunate souls who chose the wrong path, and on a full moon, the ghost of poor Lily´s mother sits at the foot of The Tree and weeps.

Walking in the Dorset countryside one day, this beautiful tree called me to paint. Thankfully my car was parked just down the road so I didn´t have to make that decision!

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Marja Brown