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Selling Paintings - Artketing!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Words like “marketing”, “stakeholders” and even “sales” feel as if they belong in a different department from the little studio space where I lose myself for hours in my painting. This business terminology, and all the associated jargon somehow feels out of sync with the language I associate with art: passion, joy, inspiration, creativity. Yet google tells me marketing is considered an art as well as a science.

I love the stories behind a painting, shared experience and ininsight. I´ve started trying to write my “blurbs” (what an interesting word!) more authentically to share my inspiration for the painting I´m describing. The response has been touching, heartfelt, and in marketing terms, effective. Recently my focus has been on digital canvas prints of my original large paintings.

My Sanctuary seen here depicts my inner journey through meditation. Although the terrain may be barren and rough, comfort and peace awaits me, giving me the strength to live each day as it comes.

For me the creative process is not complete until the picture I was inspired to paint has inspired someone to hang it on their wall to bring happiness, peace and enhance their living space. Marketing is essential if I´m to fulfill my aim to share joy.

In Memory of the Many, seen above, presents bright, hopeful poppies against a calm, grey, abstract sky, colours which will enhance any decor colour scheme. It expresses the love and respect I feel for those who struggled and fought for me to live free today. I want to remember them with respect, gratitude and love. The original. large painting is available and this is a high quality digital print on a stretched canvas.

After so many courses, watching endless videos, and testing a range of techniques, with varying degrees of success, I have come to the conclusion that people buy things for the same reason I do: because they want to! I buy something because I like it, because a pleasurable response was triggered when I saw it. We find things we like in different ways, for me, primarily through word of mouth, sharing on social media, and through identification with a story I can relate to.

Reaching potential customers is not just about posting paintings in the on-line galleries, on my website and on social media with my fingers crossed. It´s also about accompanying my work on the journey to its destination and finding a relatable way to present it. A heart to heart connection between artist and customer has become more important to me than promotion and sales.

It´s the reason why I write this weekly blog, to share experience about things I care about, and why I´m no longer searching for that perfect marketing technique. The marketing world is evolving all the time and it´s only going to get bigger! Although I will sometimes, try something which someone has recommended, Minta, for short videos, example, I can´t keep up!

One restless night, for some reason, I jumped out of bed and went straight for my brushes. One of my most popular prints, Three O´Clock in the Morning, seen here, was the result. I hardly remember painting it! Have you ever done something like that?

I´m sure that the reason I´m experiencing a deeper and more meaningful sense of connection with “customers" (why is it uncomfortable to say that out loud?), is because my marketing today comes from the heart rather than a toolbox. One of those comes in handy though!.

Perhaps we should call it artketing, or even heartketing!

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints seen here are available from my website: Commissions accepted with joy.

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