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Endless possibilities


I often wonder what moves people to buy a painting. Responses vary from a happy holiday memory, to, well, those colours match my new curtains! People often say they don’t know why they were drawn to it. Paintings are hung on the wall and in time become just part of the furniture and we stop seeing them. I was at a spa with my daughter when it came to me that it would be wonderful to create art to engage and interact with every day, as a focus for meditation. I was inspired in that moment to combine my experience, my gift as a healer with my painting and the result is The Endless Possibility Series.

That was in 2017. Since then, drawing on my 20 years as a Reiki Master, my study and research into working with crystals and runes, and a lifelong fascination with symbols, I have continued to create these deeply personal paintings to enable you to bring healing and abundance into your life. These paintings and prints can help you express your heart´s´s desire, to manifest what you focus on. What do you want to bring into your life? Money? Health? Romance? What will it feel like when you have that in abundance? The opportunity to work and connect with you, to listen to what you really want and meet who you really are is so rewarding. These prints and originals are available on my website, or as commissions painted especially for you.

I work with gold leaf, a powerful conductor, and embed Reiki or Rune symbols and colours loaded with healing energy in the painting. And before all you skeptics groan and run for the hills, energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms. Reiki and spiritual healing work with the energy fields around the body. Negative emotions create stress, depression and anxiety and our fast lifestyles leave little time for the healing which love, gratitude and compassion bring.

Your heart is the largest electro-magnetic field extending 7-12 feet from your body and hardly given a thought, let alone a conversation. Take a few moments to listen to your heart. What does it say? Let yourself enter the painting of your choice and experience your heart’s desire as if it has already happened. Activate the Law of Attraction. Know that the possibilities are endless.

Marja Brown, Landscape Artist


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