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crystal clear

I love crystals. I watch the rainbows dance around the room, sent by the crystals hanging in every window. All the different colours, shapes, and sizes, each one with a different energy which interacts with the mind, body and spirit, energising, cleansing, transforming. Crystals call to me wherever I go, and I´ve built up quite a collection.

Recently I´ve been wearing my gorgeous lapis lazuli, a beautiful dense blue crystal which I bought at Glastonbury. The colour reminds me of a warm summer´s evening, and of the sea sometimes, when it thinks nobody´s watching. I use beautiful phalo blue, turquoise and purple in so many of my paintings. The healing energy of the crystals reaches me in different ways.

I began to study and work with crystals after being given a fluorite by a stranger at a craft market. She said she´d been told to give it to me. It was a difficult time in my life. I´m not sure how she knew to give me a crystal which works with the heart and throat chakras to neutralise the negative energy and stress I was experiencing at that time. Her inspired gift set me on a journey which continues today to deepen my connection with spirituality.

There´s a calming, purple amethyst in the healing corner of my room for serenity and spiritual awakening. Apparently Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring and the ancient Romans believed it could stop you from getting drunk!

There´s rose quartz bringing love in all its forms, and I always wear my favourite forest green moldavite bracelet. I feel naked without this powerful, transformative crystal jangling on my wrist. Formed by the impact of an asteroid 15 million years ago, Moldavite carries extraterrestrial energies which, combined with those of our planet, result in a powerful, spiritually awakening vibration which you can feel when you hold it in your hand.

Since I started learning about and working with crystals, my approach and attitude to life has changed and my connection to God grows ever stronger. I´m a Reikii Master and I offer distant healing every morning from my list. I love using my learning to create my Endless Possibilities series, which you can find on my website. I begin these healing paintings on the new moon, then charge them with appropriate crystals on the full moon to absorb the energy for meditation.

Thank you to the kind stranger for your wonderful gift.

How do crystals work? I don´t know.

Earth Magic.

Marja Brown

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