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Freedom Above: Black, White and Red mountain Panorama
  • Freedom Above: Black, White and Red mountain Panorama

    Introducing "Freedom Above," a profound panoramic canvas painting that captures the essence of liberation and introspection through a stunning black and white portrayal of snow-capped mountains. This artwork invites viewers to soar above the peaks, embracing the feelings of freedom that come from imagining oneself flying over untouched natural landscapes.


    The presence of a small red postbox amidst this vast wilderness serves as a subtle nod to civilization, a solitary marker of human touch in the midst of nature's grandeur.

    Crafted with a deep understanding of human psychology and the profound impact of nature on the soul, "Freedom Above" is more than just a visual piece; it's an invitation to reflect on the power of imagination and the nurturing essence of natural beauty. The artist's use of contrasting black and white tones emphasizes the majestic purity of the mountains, while the red postbox adds a poignant touch of color, symbolizing the connection between the human spirit and the wild.


    This piece is meticulously painted around the sides of the canvas, creating a captivating 3-D effect that enhances its presence in any space. Ready to hang and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, "Freedom Above" is a testament to the artist's journey towards self-discovery and the universal quest for freedom through the embrace of nature.


    "Freedom Above" is not just a painting; it's a reflection on the beauty of the wild, the allure of solitude, and the boundless possibilities of the human imagination. It invites you to ponder, explore, and find solace in the embrace of nature's grandeur, bringing a piece of the sublime into your home or office.


    The dimensions the canvas are 80x30x3.5 cm


    I offer discount for multiple items. Please contact me for information.


    - There is no delivery during weekends or public holidays.
    - Shipping is via Parcel Force or myHermes
    - Paintings are coated with varnish to protect the colours for extended time, and to ensure durability.
    - All of my paintings are professionally packed with great care.


    I do take special orders for commissioned work and will be happy to talk to you. If you see a painting you would like me to personalise in a different size or colour, or by adding specific details, or for any other enquiries please phone me on 07810795573 or go to the contact page on my website.


    To keep touch.  subscribe to my website or follow me on


    Thank you for your interest.

    Marja Brown Landscape Artist



    • Returns and Refunds

      - Returns on paintings are only accepted within 3 days of tracked delivery
      - Refunds or exchanges are available
      - In case of a refund - paintings must be packaged exactly as sent.
      - On satisfactory return of the painting, a refund will be issued via PayPal for the value of the painting only.

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