Healing and connecting with your inner child, is the energy I have infused in this painting. The runes I have used in this painting are The Tiwaz/Warrior/ Path to success through work, Fehu/Abundance, Wunjo/Joy and then up towards Elhaz, representing my Divine Connection. It is by following the path of Light represented by Sowilow/The Sun will I reach these higher vibrations When I allow my consciousness to rise to the spiritual realm daily, visualising health and wellness, can I receive this healing and recreate again balance in mind and body .I can correct old patterns created when I was young and vulnerable and which might hold me stuck. 

I started with the master Reiki symbol on the back of the canvas and then covered the painting in gold leaf. The Runes and the Reiki symbol at each corner direct the energy into the picture and through visualisation and emotion, “by experiencing healing as if it  has already happened”, we can activate the Law of Attraction. I hope this painting will bring all the healing you need to you and that it will be perfect for your higher self.

I hope this painting will bring Love and Joy to you and that it will be perfect for your higher self.


The dimensions are 9'x12'x0.7' or 25x30x1.5 cm


The picture continues around the edge of the canvas and is ready to hang. 


Paintings will be sent a day or two following the payment.
- There is no delivery during weekends or holidays.
- Shipping is via Parcel Force or Hermes
- Paintings are coated with varnish to protect the colours for extended time, and to ensure durability.
- All of my paintings are professionally packed with great care.
- They are accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity


Refunds and Exchanges:

- Returns on paintings are only accepted within 3 days of receiving it.
- Money back or exchanges are acceptable.
- In case of a refund - paintings must be packaged in the same way it arrived.
- Once I get the painting to my satisfaction I will send you a refund via PayPal for  the painting value only.


I do take special orders for commissioned work and will be happy to talk to you if you see a painting you would like me to paint in a different size, or for any other inquiries: Phone me on 07810795573 or go to the contact page on my website. www.marjabrown.com

Thank you for your interest. Marja Brown


Wellness in Mind and Body. 9'x12' inches