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Print of 'Let the Children Come to Me'
  • Print of 'Let the Children Come to Me'

    These quality prints of this painting called, "Let the Children Come to Me" is a poignant painting that captures the essence of spiritual quest and innocence in the midst of a barren landscape.

    At the heart of this artwork stands a magnificent tree, bursting with a mass of purple and lilac blooms, symbolizing hope, renewal, and the beauty that thrives even in desolation.

    The focal point of this serene field is two children, hand in hand, gazing in wonder at the tree, embodying the pure, unadulterated pursuit of the spiritual entity that connects us all.


    This painting is a masterful representation of the journey towards spiritual enlightenment, depicted through the vibrant contrast between the starkness of the barren landscape and the vivid, life-affirming blossoms of the tree. It serves as a metaphor for the belief in something greater amidst the desolation, guiding viewers to reflect on their own spiritual quests.


    These unmounted prints, taken from one of my original paintings, are ready for framing in a standard frame of your choice.

    Seizes available are: A4 or A3


    All prints are signed by the artist at the bottom and on the back of the print, and prices are inclusive of P&P in the UK.

    Prints will be sent a day or two following the payment. - There is no delivery during weekends or holidays. - Shipping is via Royal Mail or myHermes - All prints are professionally packed with great care.


    I do take special orders for commissioned work and will be happy to talk to you. If you see a print or painting you would like me to paint in a different size, or for any other inquiries please phone me on 07810795573 or go to the contact page on my website.


    Thank you for your interest.

    Marja Brown

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