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Setting Sail

Particularly at this time of year when the holidaymakers have gone home, Sunny and I love to walk at Baiter Park in Dorset overlooking tranquil Poole Harbour. It's the second largest natural harbour in the world, so modest in its breathtaking beauty. The seashore is my favourite place to relax, to reflect, meditate and be still. I feel connected, inspired and at peace by the sea.

Whenever I see a sailing boat moving effortlessly, on the sparkling water on a bright blue day, I think about freedom, discovery and adventure. I think about my journey through life and wonder when the winds of change will blow and where I´ll go next. I come from a Dutch fishing family, and my earliest memories are of playing carefree on the beach as a child, blissfully unaware of the raw energy, the power of those mighty waters, as I splashed happily in the shallows.

The white sailing boat symbolises the spiritual vessel which carries me on my journey through life. When I take control, chart the course, fix my sights on the destination, plan every detail meticulously to ensure my desired outcome, you can be sure the wind will change and blow me off course. When faith, trust and courage are at the helm, all is well with me, whether the sea is calm or stormy.

Of course I must cherish my colourful dreams, set positive intentions and make plans. But when I trust my inner compass to guide me in the right direction, allow the wind to fill my sails and the ever shifting sea to hold and rock me gently, all I need to do is adjust my sails when my plan isn´t working out.

Although I don´t usually think so at the time, what happens is invariably exactly the right thing.

And then it´s all plain sailing!

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints available from my website. Affordable commissions welcomed with joy.

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