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Seeds of Success

It´s undeniably autumn and the countryside is drenched in golden light, ablaze with all my favourite, glorious, vibrant colours. There´s wood smoke in the evening air, a chill in the early morning, and the earth is every shade of yellow, red, orange, gold, and green. I have to stop the car and stare in wonder at Mother Nature´s joyful palette. So effortlessly beautiful.

Not so the work of an artist. Art is my passion, my way of life. It´s who I am and creating art to share with the world is what I want to do. I show up for my work every morning, even when I don´t feel like it. I have learned that I must be creative not only with my brushes. For me the creative cycle is only complete when a painting has fulfilled its purpose and is hanging on a wall somewhere, creating the joy I intended from the first brushstroke. Then something new always comes in.

I´m learning about the business world, marketing, communication and managing my stock. I have invested in marketing courses on how to use social media effectively, how to keep my website fresh, and taken advantage of amazing, valuable, free advice on YouTube.

After research, I opted for Wix for my website, and have taken lots of their free courses. Exhibiting in several online galleries keeps me on my toes, reminding me to keep my inventory up to date. Admin, being systematic and methodical, does not come naturally to me. I only realised how important it is when the original poppy painting above sold twice from two different platforms. That´s not going to happen again! Fortunately, the buyer was happy to accept a similar original and the painting now available as a print. To earn a living as an artist, I never stop learning and I love that.

There´s so much to do and so much fun to be had as an artist in today´s world.

I´m interested in and inspired by what my fellow artists are doing, and learn from shared experience. But I try not to compare myself to other artists. That only generates feelings of insecurity. Compare and despair! Better invest those moments in being creative and productive. We are all unique in our style, technique, experience, and the way we see the world. That´s what makes art so incredible.

As my own boss I can be a bit of a tyrant. I must remember to take time for myself, for lunch, for reflection, for the social life I forget about when I´m lost in my work. And I must allow myself to make mistakes-such important learning.

Recently, I saw an optimistic Christmas tree with coloured lights in a garden on my way home. It won´t be long before Mother Nature puts her Christmas decorations up, adding touches of silver and white, deeper greens and blues. My heart brims with gratitude for the glorious autumn colours, as I watch the combine harvesters at work in the field beyond my window. Such precious gifts. What I do with them today is up to me.

Like the busy farmers in the autumn fields, I reap what I sow...eventually!

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints available from my website. Commissions undertaken with joy.

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