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  • Marja Brown

Pruning my Life

I´ve got way too much STUFF!

Although it was obvious to family and friends, this was the blinding revelation I had from the professional and personal inventory I´ve been taking lately, the subject of last week´s blog. No wonder I´ve felt so restless and uncomfortable, and kept putting things off! There hasn´t been any space for anything new.

But of course, taking stock is meaningless unless followed up by action. Otherwise, nothing will change. My to-do list will continue to grow as I procrastinate, and my thoughts will accumulate, swirl around and keep me awake. But where to begin? I started with what was in front of me on a bright, clear autumn day.

I´ve been pruning and weeding my overgrown garden, getting it ready for winter. Other areas of my life seem to be following suit, as I get rid of stuff! Small actions which I´ve been avoiding, have made such a difference already, as the result of taking inventory.

I went off to Slimming World this morning, and as I eat my overnight porridge with apple during a break from the commission I´ve actually started now, I already feel so much lighter and more positive for having taken some simple action on change. Taking inventory has taken a weight off my mind, and I hope it will take some weight off the rest of me too! Watch this space, and let me know if you´re on the slimming journey with me.

I´ve just spent a joyful, carefree few hours doing what I love best: painting a heavenly sky. I´m always mesmerised by the sky, especially at this time of year when the light is so beautiful. I feel uplifted and connected, spiritually when I´m watching the sky. I used to see it as blue or grey, but now I see a multitude of colours: purple, red, magenta, yellow, orange, even sandy brown.

Even on a dull day, I see colours. When I paint the sky, I´m very much affected by mood, time of day, the weather. In fact, I can tell what frame of mind I´m in by the colours I choose for the sky. Wonder if you can tell what mood I was in when I painted these? These paintings have been popular with people who love a minimalist decor. I love the idea, but as you can probably tell, that´s not me. I´ve got so much stuff!