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Pruning my Life

I´ve got way too much STUFF!

Although it was obvious to family and friends, this was the blinding revelation I had from the professional and personal inventory I´ve been taking lately, the subject of last week´s blog. No wonder I´ve felt so restless and uncomfortable, and kept putting things off! There hasn´t been any space for anything new.

But of course, taking stock is meaningless unless followed up by action. Otherwise, nothing will change. My to-do list will continue to grow as I procrastinate, and my thoughts will accumulate, swirl around and keep me awake. But where to begin? I started with what was in front of me on a bright, clear autumn day.

I´ve been pruning and weeding my overgrown garden, getting it ready for winter. Other areas of my life seem to be following suit, as I get rid of stuff! Small actions which I´ve been avoiding, have made such a difference already, as the result of taking inventory.

I went off to Slimming World this morning, and as I eat my overnight porridge with apple during a break from the commission I´ve actually started now, I already feel so much lighter and more positive for having taken some simple action on change. Taking inventory has taken a weight off my mind, and I hope it will take some weight off the rest of me too! Watch this space, and let me know if you´re on the slimming journey with me.

I´ve just spent a joyful, carefree few hours doing what I love best: painting a heavenly sky. I´m always mesmerised by the sky, especially at this time of year when the light is so beautiful. I feel uplifted and connected, spiritually when I´m watching the sky. I used to see it as blue or grey, but now I see a multitude of colours: purple, red, magenta, yellow, orange, even sandy brown.

Even on a dull day, I see colours. When I paint the sky, I´m very much affected by mood, time of day, the weather. In fact, I can tell what frame of mind I´m in by the colours I choose for the sky. Wonder if you can tell what mood I was in when I painted these? These paintings have been popular with people who love a minimalist decor. I love the idea, but as you can probably tell, that´s not me. I´ve got so much stuff!

It feels like time for preparing and planning again. I´m getting ready for the wonderful Artisan Fair at Lacock on 30 October. The new, canvas prints of some of my larger paintings are slowly finding their way to my website, and a Halloween Trick and Treat is on the cards, with discounts to subscribers. Life feels fresh and exciting!

It´s such a valuable insight to realise that I´ve been carrying so much around, both professionally and personally. Freedom and clarity are the result of a simple process of taking stock and letting go.

The tricky thing is getting round to it. And I´ve made a start.

So many reasons to be thankful today.

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

Original paintings and prints in a range of sizes are available from my website. Commissions undertaken with joy. Email me: or use my contact page.

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1 Comment

A lovley read and soooooo relatable!!

I to seem to be drawn to a maximalist life, both in content and thought lol. And have currently (yet again as it seems to be a cycle) come to the conclusion it's time to 'let go' both in 'stuff', weight (I too have recently joined slimming world) and am also trying to let go of unhelpful thoughts and musings (work in progress) .

I am slowly getting back into my Art, and realising its helping in a cathartic way.....but I too need to declutter to make the 'space' needed for growth and newness.

Wishing you well on your evolving journey.

Leianne Andreè Clark.

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