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  • Marja Brown


"You ought to try exhibiting in the on-line galleries”.

“Oh no, I can´t do that, I´m not tech savvy enough!”

That was my response to a whisper from a fellow artist during a torrential downpour at the annual Pine Walk Art Exhibition, which used to run during the summer months in Bournemouth. Rain or shine.

It´s interesting how my initial “No way! I can´t..” invariably turns into a “Well why not?”

Very slowly, I discovered that I could indeed follow simple instructions to post my paintings in an online gallery and to my surprise they began to sell. For many years now I have sold my paintings at both art and craft shows and in online galleries.

My venture into exhibiting on-line took off during the long Covid lockdown when I had time on my hands to research and try all kinds of new things. Nowadays I present my work for sale on my own website, as well as,,, Etsy and Folksy with regular promotions on the social media sites. The impact on reaching a new, much wider audience at home and abroad has been tremendous and I´ve learned so much.

There are pros and cons to exhibiting at both craft shows and on-line. Art and Craft shows take time to prepare, loading up the car, setting up my stand and of course I´m there all day. You never know who will walk past. I love meeting people, talking about my work, and sharing ideas with my fellow artists. I get the impression that people enjoy meeting the artist too. There´s a particular thrill when a painting sparks interest from a stranger. I have made many new friends, and connections and met some inspiring, colourful characters over the years. I love it!