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nothing happens by chance

A puppy??

But I can’t have a puppy… too much exercise!

Exactly what you need! Laughed my family and friends.

But all that play and mischief…!

Exactly what you need! They laughed even louder.

What if I want to go away somewhere?

We´ll help! The chorus was unanimous.

I couldn´t stop smiling as I set off to meet little Sunny, just one day old. He was buried under a mound of adorable, sleepy, Cockapoo puppies, one of nine. Dawn put him in the palm of my hand, he snuggled in and I fell in love. On the way home, I went to Knowlton to talk to Bonnie, and my Sunshine is coming home on Midsummer´s Day.

This new adventure started with a chance conversation that ran through my mind on repeat. It sparked an impulse, a curiosity, like so many of the nudges and messages I´ve received along the sometimes rocky path to where I am today. I’m beyond blessed to be doing what I love every day - creating art to send out into the world to bring joy, memories, comfort, and inspiration to others. It´s a priceless gift to me.

I´ve painted romantic places where marriage proposals were made, views which were treasured by a beloved family member who has passed on, a windswept beach where children played, and couples walked on the sand. I’ve painted a favourite land or seascape many times, like the Needles from Barton-on-Sea, Old Harry Rocks, Lulworth Cove, or a spectacular sunrise over Stonehenge, yet each new painting is as unique as the people who are drawn to it.

There have been many chance encounters which have sewn seeds, triggered a compulsion to explore something new. Perhaps a few words from a stranger which opened my mind to a new idea, books that fell off the shelf and ended up changing the course of my life. All the tiny brush strokes on the magnificent canvas of life.

I could never have dreamed what the Great Artist had in mind when I started painting at college in Holland when I was 15.

I had no interest then in art as a career, and went to study medicine at the University in Utrecht. But Life had other plans and after partying hard, I left and got married. We lived abroad, had our children and my interest in the world, its colours, images and wonders was growing. In Germany and Cyprus, I worked in potteries. I learned the craft from a fabulous potter in Ireland. When I settled in England, I opened my own pottery. But art and painting called me. Looking back, I was always on my way here.

I sold my first painting, a seascape, after a holiday in the Scilly Isles, and then I began to paint small collections for craft markets and County Shows such as the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the New Forest Show. This is such a wonderful way to meet people and share my passion. Subtle messages to guide me have come from the simplest conversations.

Only in hindsight can I see the bigger picture, God´s Masterpiece.

For eight glorious summers I exhibited in lovely Pine Walk in Bournemouth Gardens near the pier. We were a small community of artists who became like a family. It was an artist I met there who suggested I exhibit in online galleries such as Art2Art and Artfinder. I wasn’t in any way computer savvy and it all seemed too complicated.

My children and grandchildren have dragged me into the 21st century and now I spend almost as much time online as I do painting. I love it! I’ve learned, sometimes painfully, how to use different platforms such as Etsy and Folksy, how to use social media, Facebook, and Instagram. I love gadgets and try to keep up with the latest technology and innovations. Some beautiful aluminium prints of my paintings have just arrived, after a whisper from my daughter that these are the latest thing for home decor. They will soon be available on my website. I've learned how to use my site to exhibit my paintings, and to reach and connect with people all over the world. I´ve come a long way since Pine Walk.

So it seems we are all messengers, completely unaware of the impact a casual word might have to help each other on our way as we journey through life.

I can´t wait to introduce you to my new travel companion.

I know you´re going to fall in love with him too.

Marja Brown

Landscape Artist

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Shirley Elsby
Shirley Elsby
May 02, 2021

What a journey you've had! And what talent! Great to catch up with you again and learn so much more than I knew about your path.

Marja Brown
Marja Brown
May 03, 2021
Replying to

Thank you 🙏. Having a great time. Hope you are well too❤️❤️❤️❤️

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