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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

It can be overwhelming to think about the last few months, reading the news has become harder the more it goes on. Instead of losing sleep over the things we cannot control, we should be putting out good into the universe so it comes back to us. Speak your good fortune into existence, the universe is listening even in these times of uncertainty.

I have been remembering to send my thoughts of love and kindness to the strangers I pass on the streets, we are all in this together. Now more than ever we need to support one another when we can. This is why I was so excited when I heard that Lacock Crafting Market was opening back up in September. It will feel good to finally be able to interact with the public, to feel the pulse of society again and make conversation with strangers. I also can’t wait to see all of the work this creative community has produced in the past few months.

Maybe there are some who have taken up newfound passions during the time away who will be stepping out into the craft world for the first time. Maybe some of you are in the same position, I look forward to seeing you at crafts fairs as they begin to open up. Painting is so freeing, it gives me an opportunity to live again now that I am retired. It keeps my soul happy and allows me to do what. Should have been doing all along, living. I hope you find that with your art too.

Too often do we not realise that our day to day is plagued by self-doubt, worry and anxiety. I was no stranger to these distractions in my day to day before COVID. Only now do I realise; I was forgetting to take the time to breathe and see the moment I was so clearly in. I have been able to enjoy my time a lot more, at first it was a struggle not being able to see friends and family. But I used the time to focus on myself, I learnt about marketing and self-development, things. Would have put off before to spend time with others.

If anything, I have learnt the most about being presently myself thanks to quarantine. I have had the opportunity of being able to take stock of the life I have and what a beautiful life it is. I hold close to me my family, my friends, Bonny, and my passion for painting as well as the community I share it with.


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