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Journey into Wellbeing: Symbols for Healing

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

This painting has been swirling around, taking form inside me for some time. It represents the journey through life and the choices we make along the way. I am often asked about the colours and symbols I embed into the healing paintings in my Endless Possibility series, created as a focus for meditation, to visualise and help remove the blocks to inner peace and happiness. To move towards the light, I feel, is our life purpose.

To create balance, we begin with the focus on the colour red representing the root chakra at the base of the spine which contains our early childhood experiences. Even if all our needs for food, security and shelter were met, these early years can have a profound impact on self-esteem, on our values and security. They will affect how we respond to what life brings.

The tree, rooted firmly in the earth, represents strength and survival through stormy times. I can sit on the swing, holding on tight, surviving, or I can let go and allow myself to move on, to face fears and grow. I can allow the gold leaves to transform into doves of peace.

The rune Tiwaz symbolises victory, giving reassurance that you have the strength to pass through difficulties and change direction.

Orange represents the sacral chakra, building a sense of identity and well-being, the ability to form healthy relationships, being happy to be me. Then we move up to the solar plexus, yellow for the self-confidence and the capacity to set and achieve goals. Green for the heart chakra at the foot of the hill signifies the grown-up material world, where many of us choose to remain, focussed on working for money, property, and prestige.

Here we find the rune Fehu meaning “cattle” symbolising wealth and working its magic. But there is often a growing sense of dissatisfaction, a restlessness, knowing that there is more to life. We become aware that material pleasures are transient, non-permanent. As we grow older, we question, begin to search for a deeper meaning, a connection beyond the material. Meditation leads you gently upwards to your higher, spiritual self. The heart knows what it longs for.

The choice then, is to follow Sowilo, the symbol for “sun”, towards the light and spiritual connection.

Along the way we find happiness represented by the joy rune Wunjo, and move ever closer towards a higher level of consciousness.

At the end of our journey, we find Elhaz, "elk", the rune of divine connection. There we find the deep peace, meaning and connection our heart longs for.

Moving on to the Reiki symbols, in each corner I place Cho ku rei, the Reiki power symbol which contains and magnifies the energy within the painting. On the back of the canvas, I put the Dai Ko Myo, the “Master” symbol, one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki that can be used only by Reiki Masters.

This painting took shape on the new moon and on this coming full pink supermoon, I will charge it with Reiki healing, placing crystals next to the runes to enhance their power. You will find it on my website on Tuesday morning.

It´s a joy and a privilege to paint commissions for healing paintings, to talk about life and your heart´s desire. I find that although we each bring an abundance of different experiences, deep down, we´re searching for the same things.

Freedom from fear. Inner peace. Love.

Marja Brown

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This is a beautiful post. Thank you Marja.

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