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" Your things are talking to you all the time. Be sure they have good things to say!"

Terah Kathryn Collins, Founder, The Western School of Feng Sui

I’ve been taking a course in Feng Shui, and I’m clearing clutter, taking stock, moving things around and sifting through the piles of papers on my table, creating space in my home. Curiously, the colours I’m called to recently are cool blues rather than the vibrant, urgent primary colours I normally go for. It’s fascinating how a few external changes can bring about a subtle, unconscious, internal shift. Since I started clearing my surroundings, soft, serene blues are flowing from my brush, calming the passionate, energetic, impulsive reds and yellows.

Why do birds nest in spring? I don’t know where the impulse to make this long overdue start came from. It certainly wasn’t my idea! I must tidy this and sort out that are stern instructions I give myself when I’m relaxing with my feet up, playing a game on my phone or watching Netflix. Does the clutter get cleared? Of course not. I’ll do it tomorrow. Perhaps procrastination stems from a part of me that has never liked being told what to do. I´m like a stroppy teenager with a nagging parent. The more I tell myself I have to do something, the more deeply I snuggle into my chair for just one more episode.

Feng Shui tells me the things in my home talk to me all the time. The paintings I stashed behind the sofa months ago to find a home for later grumbled ,gathering dust, stuck in the past. The papers on the table criticised me- I’m disorganised, life´s a mess.. My crammed wardrobe shouted every morning that there’s no room in my life for me let alone anyone else. Stressful, negative messages. The clear out seems to have hushed the never- ending to-do list chatter and is bringing a sense of harmony.

I seem to have opened a path to access the feelings and emotions I want to express in the abstracts I’m painting. There isn´t so much interference from my rational mind which judges whether something is good or not and always thinks it knows what I should be doing instead of what I really want to do.

Cool reflective blues are calming my glorious, passionate reds and yellows at the moment, turning down the heat, not replacing them, rather making way for something new and fresh. And for sure something new will come. I’m excited about that.

The hard part is leaving the canvas - and my cupboards, empty.

For now.

Marja Brown

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